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New study reveals that most studies are redundant

An artist's rendering of what a researcher might look like.

Researchers at the University of Sydney have found that most studies, including their own, are usually pointless and waste a lot of time and money.

“In our research we found that most researchers tend to spend lots of grant money studying things that either have no relevancy to anyone anywhere or things that are already understood and, therefore, these studies don’t really reveal anything”, Pete Johnston, who headed the research team, had to say. “Even this very study was a huge waste of time and money, all we really did was sit around in a lab reading sub-par news article on the Internet for several months”.

Johnston says that even worthwhile studies have become pointless thanks to the shoddy journalism present in the mainstream media. “Even if a study is conducted in a relevant area and yields some semi-useful information, the media will just sensationalise it to make it look like the results were something different entirely”.


The results of this study have been a welcome relief to everyone who has ever read any news articles relating to the results of a study.