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RTA to raise number of required hours for L-platers to 500

The RTA says that raising the number of hours will prevent crashes this time, even though it hasn't in the past.

In a controversial move, the New South Wales Roads and Traffic Authority has today announced a plan to increase the number of hours required for learner drivers to take the Driving Test from 120 to 500.

“We keep raising the number of hours drivers on their L Plates have to drive before they can take the test to get their P Plates so that it’s practically impossible to achieve within a year yet young people are still dying on our roads”, an RTA spokesperson stated to an angry mob gathering outside a local RTA office today. “So clearly the only logical thing we can do is to do what we’ve already done in the hopes that, this time, the outcome will be different somehow; that’s why we’ve decided to increase the required hours yet again, this time to 500”.

Many people have been quick to point out the obvious flaws in this new plan, most notably the organisation L-Platers’ Advocates Australia (or LPAA). “The whole idea is ludicrous”, LPAA founder Ben Nixon stated during a press conference held just moments after the RTA’s announcement. “They’ve already raised the number of hours several times and it obviously isn’t working if they have to continue doing it”.
Not all of the responses have been negative, however with New South Wales Auditor-General Peter Achterstraat saying that, if anything, the number of hours should be raised even further.

Achterstraat has previously recommended that there should be a curfew for P-plate drivers on Friday and Saturday nights despite himself admitting that it is only a small minority of P-plate drivers who are irresponsible.