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Australian Christian Lobby proposes new “family friendly” gay marriage inquiry

The biggest threat to civilisation is history.

After promoting a survey on whether the law should be changed to allow homosexual couples to marry and then condemning the same survey when it turned out that the majority of responses were in favour of marriage equality, the Australian Christian Lobby is proposing that a new survey should take place.

ACL Managing Director Jim Wallace said the new survey would be “family friendly and simple” rather than the previous survey which, Wallace said, was “a simple popularity contest”. “Marriage is so important that it should not be altered on the basis of a popularity contest. However, a popularity contest is the perfect basis for keeping marriage the way it is”.

According to Mr Wallace, the new survey would include questions far easier to

answer correctly, such as “Marriage should stay the way it is in order to prevent the legitimising child sodomy and the downfall of society. Agree/Disagree”.

The new survey would also disregard any submissions that consisted of form letters unless they were form letters from the ACL opposing marriage equality.