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Police defend Kings Cross shooting: “They were Indigenous AND young!”

The New South Wales Police Force say no unnecessary force was used on the two anrmed teenagers after they had both been shot.

After more than 150 people took to the streets of Sydney to protest the police shooting of two Indigenous teenagers in Sydney's Kings Cross on the weekend, the New South Wales Police Force has defended the officers’ actions, stating that the victims were “not only Indigenous, but teenaged as well!”.

The controversy arose after officers shot two boys, aged 14 and 17, when the stolen car they were travelling in mounted the pavement and hit two women in the early hours of Saturday morning. One of the officers then dragged one of the wounded boys out of the car and started beating him.

Protesters have condemned the officers’ actions, accusing them of brutality and calling for an independent inquiry into the use of force. The Police Force says in

response that it is “completely reasonable” to open fire on two teenagers and then beat one of them after they have been incapacitated and aren’t resisting arrest.

“Look, it is police protocol to hassle, trump up charges against and maybe beat anyone who’s a teenager or Indigenous. God help you if you’re both”, said one police officer in a statement to the press today. “These were Indigenous teenagers who, in addition to being young and part of a minority, were actually committing an offence. I would have done the same thing as these two officers”.