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Anzac Day 2012: New organisation seeks to change date

ANZRANZACDMACD believe that Anzac day shouldn't be about remembering when the country was forced to take part in military action to protect the British Empire.

As people around the country remember the soldiers who have fought and died in past wars, many people continue to be confused as to why Anzac day is celebrated on the anniversary of a failed campaign that wasn’t in the interests of the Australian or New Zealand citizens.

A new organisation thinks that the date should be changed. “If we’re going to have a day to commemorate soldiers, why not have it on a date significant to a campaign that was actually well handled and not just in the interest of the British Empire?” said a Spokesperson for Australians and New Zealanders for the Relocation of Anzac Day to a More Appropriate Calendar Date (or ANZRANZACDMACD for short).

“The problem is that every time we bring this up, we get called un-patriotic, and big, shirtless guys try to beat us up with plastic Australian flags.” The other

problems ANZRANZACDMACD have encountered are the fact that their organisation’s name and acronym are far too long, people are far more supportive of changing the date of Australia Day than Anzac Day and the fact that no one can remember the last time the Australian Government participated in a military operation that was in the interest of the Australian citizens.